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Recycle Crayon Artist, Spramani Elaun

If you did not know I recycle old crayons. I handcraft beautiful square block crayons called Colour Blocks®. Over the course of many years teaching art and as an recycle artist, I collected thousands of pounds of previously loved crayons from friends, families, schools and restaurants.

Not having the heart to throw them into the landfills I researched all about crayons. I learned how they are made and what they are made from. I learned some crazy facts about how long it takes for them to biodegrade. I learned paraffin crayons can take up to five, ten and even 35 years to naturally biodegrade into our eco system only in the right conditions!

I also learned how many were going straight to the landfills yearly!

I then started experimenting with old crayons. The first Colour Block crayons were made and sold at a local farmers market in 2008.

My efforts and recycling movement become a business called Colour Blocks®. The first 100% sustainable West coast crayon company!

Children internationally use and love Colour Blocks®. Colour Blocks now funds some amazing art projects all today!

Colour Blocks® are now featured all over the Nation at some of the largest street fairs, craft fairs, educational events across the country!

Help me stop the 100,000 pounds of crayons that goes into the  landfills yearly!


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