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Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo!

Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo!

Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo!

By Spramani Elaun

I’m so excited to share my new Jumbo 2 x 2 Colour Block crayon size!

I’ve been working on this for years, trying to make a safer wider crayon for toddlers and I’m happy to say I finished the new and improved 2 x 2 Colour Blocks!


Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo! Color Blocks

I started handcrafting square block crayons back in 2008.

This unique mission started to help recycle old crayons so they would not be thrown into the trash.

What I discovered was my square block design was perfect for young kids.

As an art teacher, I could see these were much more easier for kids to use.

Young kids and toddlers could hold on to them much easier than a regular shaped crayon.

They could make easy wide marks, and e stacked like blocks.

I realized quickly Colour Blocks are fun to play with while kids got use to using or familiar with coloring with crayons.

Toddlers loved the crayon blocks I was making.

I then realized they won’t roll off the table and were very hard to break.

And that was when Colour Blocks™ was born in Encinitas, San Diego.

Colour Blocks collects pounds and pounds of crayons from schools, restaurants, families and large organizations like, The Goodwill of San Diego which now gives me donations of crayons to repurpose!

As an art teacher now travel all over the nation providing free art programing for kids with our Colour Block sales. I’m able to provide some cool art education for kids.

We are 100% a sustainable crayon company in San Diego, CA.

Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo!, children's toys and gifts, color blocks

toddler safe crayons, large wide and easy to hold

Jumbo Crayon Features:

Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons
Jumbo 2 x 2
Designer mommy, Spramani Elaun
12 Beautiful colors
Crayons make beautiful color marks
Easy for kids to hold
Easy to make marks
Easy to stack like blocks
Won’t Roll off Table
Wont’ Break Easy
Super Large & Safe
No Wrappers
Handcrafted in 12 original unique colors
Kids love Colour Blocks!
There is no crayons like these!
100% Safe
!00% non-Toxic
100% U.S. Made
Can special order in 100% Natural Beeswax (email for options)
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We make two sizes our regular sized Color Blocks and now our new Jumbo 2 x 2’s!

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Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo!, best crayon for children

West Coast Recycle Crayon Program | Colour Blocks| old crayons

West Coast Recycle Crayon Program | Colour Blocks| old crayons

All About Recycled Crayons

Colour Blocks®

by Spramani Elaun

West Coast Recycle Crayon Program | Colour Blocks| old crayons West Coast Recycle Crayon Program | Colour Blocks| old crayons

Recycle Crayons!

If you did not know I recycle crayons! I make beautiful handcrafted Colour Blocks™ stackable square block crayons recycled into earthy tones. Colour Blocks™ are also made from natural pure beeswax and soy wax. Over the course of many years teaching art, home-schooling and a recycle artist, I collected pounds and pounds of previously loved crayons. Friends, family, students and teachers passed me their old crayons.

Not having the heart to throw them into the landfills I researched all about crayons. I learned how they were made and what they were made from. I learned some interesting facts about how long it takes for them to biodegrade. I then started experimenting with recycling old crayons. The first Colour Blocks were made and sold at a local street market bazaar in 2008. My efforts and movement to recycle crayons became a business called Colour Blocks™.

Why Recycle Crayons?crayon recycle

Teaching children to recycle art supplies like crayons can show how to protect our environment and what sustainability truly means.

Colour Blocks™ Mission is simple:

Sustainability through creating an eco-friendly product protecting children’s health while doing so. Reuse. Reduce. Recycle, practicing the 3 R’s!

Current Environmental Problem With CrayonsTraditional crayons are sticks of paraffin wax, similar to candles we burn in our home. Paraffin wax, colored pigments and sometimes by-products are combined to make crayons. Paraffin is crude oil fuel. Yes, a limited resource we all know about…..right? Paraffin crayons can take up to five, ten and even 25 years to naturally biodegrade into our eco systems only in the right conditions. Crude oil is biodegradable given the right conditions and environment. Decomposing back into our eco system can be a very slow process. Sometimes crayons mixed with by-products can cause low-carbon pollution.

West Coast Recycle Crayon Program | Colour Blocks| old crayons

Ok, let’s think about these ideas for a moment. It’s reported a baby is born every four-seconds in America. In our most recent headlines it’s estimated 7 billion people currently live on our planet. What is the first art supply mommies and daddies buy their young child… you guessed it “Crayons”. That’s a lot of crayons being manufactured and not being recycled. So where do all these crayons eventually end up? Landfills! The average family I see in the natural course of my business confirm they just threw away broken crayons and replaced them with newer looking ones yearly. Five percent have tried to recycle once or twice.

Are quicker biodegradable crayons like soy bean, palm wax or beeswax better for our planet?

Have you heard about natural biodegradable crayons better for our children’s health or our planet? These new types of crayons developed are soybean wax,, palm wax, and beeswax crayons known as vegetable based wax. These are grown from vegetable crops a renewable resources. Beeswax crayons are made from natural bees which have been around for decades.

All crayons are usually tinted with natural mineral powders, natural earth pigments or synthetic color powders. Even though these new types of crayons are made from renewable resources they still create landfill pollution. Packaging waste that must be in the right environment to be 100% biodegradable. Lets not forget to factor in the manufacturing footprint, crop farming and impact and our environment. Lastly, we need to be aware of natural low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which is caused by all these crayons in the landfills. VOCs in the by-products decaying and emitting gases in our eco system.

Which crayons are better for babies health?

Remember all those babies being born every four -seconds! Picking crayons that best suit your child’s needs should be based safety. Non-toxic crayons should be high on your priority list. Today all art supply manufactures are required to be labeled with the statement “Conforms to ASTM D-4236”. The ASTM label is mandatory by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissionand hopefully certified by the manufacture as a non-toxic.

Generally speaking, most crayons sold today in America are non-toxic. Less than a decade ago crayon manufactures were not required to conform to this law. If you have very old crayons more than ten to twenty years old please discard and don’t allow children under 12 years to play with them. Grandparents may save old art supplies that may not have the original box with proper labeling.

Other reasons parents pick paraffin vs. soy or beeswax is due to allergies. Some children may have allergic reactions to colorants, waxes or even beeswax. Colorants can come in many forms like plant-based dyes, mineral pigments, vegetable dyes and synthetic colorants.Some children can be allergic or sensitive to natural plant-based products. There are many great crayon options for you to pick from today.


My solution to this problem must solve the problem at hand, but not create a new problem with more waste. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Practicing the 3 R’s and teaching communities to recycle crayons responsibly is one solution. Recycling can help to all those crayons going to our landfills or laying around homes. I recycle old  crayons into beautiful new Colour Blocks™ truly an earth-friendly crayon.

Profits from Colour Blocks™ provides free coloring experiences for young children. Environmental education, kid learning events and art events throughout the West Coast. Donations go to non-profit organizations that are working with educating the public about global issues. Colour Blocks™ collaborates with communities like public schools, pre-schools, boy and girl clubs and scouts, young children environmental foundations, families and restaurants all across the nation. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by donating your old crayons!

How you can recycle old crayons! 

Information is available on how to recycle crayons by contacting Colour Blocks™

• Educational literature on why you should recycle crayons

• Ways to collect and get old crayons to Colour Blocks™ or other crayon recyclers

• How to organize school districts to recycle their crayons for pick-up

• Group community ideas on how to collect old crayons for recycling

•. Guest educational speeches by Colour Blocks™ on how to Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

• How to make recycled crayons at home

Colour Blocks™ has a huge educational message to spread to the public. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Think Sustainability!

For information email: or write: P.O. Box Solana Beach, Ca 92075

Recycling old crayons is a great solution to just throwing them away. Children can reuse these recourses for creating new art. Help Colour Blocks™ spread the word in your community. Teaching young children today about natural resources will help our environment in the future!


• Truly Eco-freindly crayons!

• Handcrafted and recycled out of previously loved crayons!

• Stackable square blocks children love to play with!

• Makes beautiful coloring marks!

• Colour Blocks™ won’t break easily!

• Colour Blocks™ won’t roll off the table!

• Children can color wide areas easily!

• Made with non-toxic crayons!

• Designed in beautiful natural earthy tones!

• Hand crafted colour mixing technique by designer & art teacher, Spramani E’Laun

Buy Colour Blocks™ a beautiful gift with a recycling message!

Colour Blocks™ ships out:

Packages come in:

6 packs

12 packs

25 classroom

Colour Block’s™ is a division of Nature of Art For kids®

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