Natural Crayons Beeswax 100%

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Natural beeswax crayons for kids 100% Handcrafted, designer Spramani Elaun


Colour Blocks™  created and first sold in 2008 in Encintias California at the local street bazaar and farmers market.

• Truly Earth-friendly Crayons!

• Handcrafted!

• Makes beautiful coloring marks!

• Colour Blocks® won’t roll off the table!

• Children can colour wide areas easily!

• Made with non-toxic crayons!

• Handcrafted colour mixing technique by designer & art teacher, Spramani Elaun

beeswax crayons kids

Made out of 100% Pure Beeswax

Pigmented by natural veggies, plants and beeswax crayon colorants

Earth-Friendly Safe Non-Toxic Crayons

beeswax block crayons

How do beeswax crayons work?

Pure natural beeswax crayons color different that your average crayon. Beeswax is much softer to the touch. Beeswax marks are more translucent than regular crayons.

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Why buy 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons?

Some parents and teachers prefer their children to work with natural materials.

Some parents love the sensory feel and scent beeswax makes than traditional crayons.

Some parents are earth-friendly and want a product made from the earth rather than made from man-made materials.

Some parents prefer to support handcrafted artisans and feel safe knowing where their child’s products are coming from and whats in them.

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Which age are beeswax crayons best for?

A Colour Block Beeswax crayon is perfect for toddlers first crayon. We recommend for safety 3 years to 5 years. Colour Blocks are thick and much more chunky and safer than a regular narrow crayon.

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 Who makes these 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons?

Mom, designer, art teacher and author Spramani Elaun handcrafts each crayon by hand for you!

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Yes we make other types of crayons beautiful recycled, beeswax, soy, veggie and regular basic paraffin wax.

If you need more crayons than offered here, please message me for a custom order!


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