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Donate your unwanted crayons, West Coast first sustainable crayon company

Help Me Recycle Crayons | Teacher Funds Art Projects for Kidscolourblockslogo(2013)

Help Me Recycle Crayons | Teacher Funds Art Projects for Kids

Colour Blocks®  First recycled crayon was created and sold in 2008 in Encinitas California at the local street bazaar and farmers market.

If you did not know I recycle crayons!

I make beautiful handcrafted Colour Blocks® stackable square block crayons recycled out of old crayons

Over the many years teaching art, home-schooling and making recycled art I’ve collected pounds and pounds of previously loved crayons.

Friends, family, students and teachers passed me their old crayons.

Not having the heart to throw them into the landfills I researched and learned all about crayons and how they are made.

I learned some interesting sad facts about how long it takes for a crayon to biodegrade.

I then started experimenting with making my own recycled crayons.

My efforts and movement to recycle crayons became a 100% sustainable crayon business called Colour Blocks®.

Help Me Recycle Crayons | Teacher Funds Art Projects for Kids

Environmental Problem with Crayons!

crayon recycle

Traditional crayons are sticks of paraffin wax  similar to candles we burn in our home.

Paraffin wax and colored pigments are sometimes by-products combined to make crayons.

Paraffin is crude oil fuel.

Yes, a limited resource we all know about…..right? 

Paraffin crayons can take up to five, ten and even 25 years to naturally biodegrade into our eco systems only in the right conditions.

Crude oil is biodegradable given the right conditions and environment.

Decomposing back into our eco system can be a very slow process.

Sometimes crayons mixed with by-products can cause low-carbon pollution.

Help Me Recycle Crayons | Teacher Funds Art Projects for Kids

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle, practicing the 3 R’s!


Help Me Recycle Crayons | Teacher Funds Art Projects for Kids


The most exciting thing about my business is it funds thousands of children free art projects up and down the West Coast annually.

With the sales of Colour Blocks I can teach and give children free art activities at street fairs, festivals, children’s museums, conferences and educational learning events and libraries and private schools.

Help Me Recycle Crayons | Teacher Funds Art Projects for Kids

Help Me Recycle Crayons! Earth Friendly Art Teacher Children Toddlers

Help Me Recycle Crayons | Teacher Funds Art Projects for Kids

Schools, restaurants and families recycle their old crayons with Colour Blocks all over the U.S.!

You can too recycle old crayons with Colour Blocks!

Crayon recycling program

• We accept crayons in any shape!

• We recycle old crayons into new beautiful sustainable square block crayons!

• Our sales from these recycle crayons funds amazing art programing for children across the U.S. and crayon donations to non-profit organizations in need.

• Colour Blocks travels and educates the public on the importance of being earth-friendly year round.

• We will pay shipping for any crayons to us anywhere in the U.S.

• We will set up collection bins at your establishment to make collecting easy.

• Colour Blocks educates classroom on the importance of being earth-friendly.

• Colour Blocks works with the largest Goodwill Industries across the West Coast recycling crayons!

• Families, restaurants and schools donate crayons with us!

Help Me Recycle Crayons | Teacher Funds Art Projects for Kids

It’s easy as 1,2, 3 to recycle crayons

1. Collect crayons in any shape.

2. Figure out weight of crayons.

If you cannot afford to ship or get grant funds email us @ treepassion@gmail.com with weight and address it’s coming from, we will provide paid shipping or pick up at your location.

3,  Mail old crayons to: P.O. Box 443 Solana Beach, CA 92075


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donate your old crayons to sustainable crayon company

Colour Blocks™  created and first sold in 2008 in Encintias California at the local street bazaar and farmers market.

• Truly Earth-friendly Crayons!

• Handcrafted and recycled out of previously loved crayons!

• Makes beautiful coloring marks!

• Colour Blocks® won’t roll off the table!

• Children can colour wide areas easily!

• Made with non-toxic crayons!

• Handcrafted colour mixing technique by designer & art teacher, Spramani Elaun

recycle your crayons with crayon company

teach kids how to donate and recycle crayons

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