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Recycling Unwanted Crayons | Restaurants | Schools | Amazing Company

Recycling Unwanted Crayons |Restaurants | Schools | Amazing Company

Recycling Unwanted Crayons | Restaurants | Schools | Amazing Company

Have you heard of this amazing sustainable crayon company that takes unloved crayons and recycles into beautiful crayons which funds free art programing all over the West Coast for kids?

Colour Blocks® Recycled

Recycling mission started in San Diego in 2008

Founder Spramani Elaun, mommy, art teacher and home-schooler started taking old crayons and recycling them into beautiful square block crayons. After discovering how to make a perfect functional square block crayon started selling and funding free art programing and art supply donations all across the nation. Children Internationally have been delighted from these wonderful crayons.

Recycling Program –  West Coast 

Recycling Unwanted Crayons |Restaurants | Schools | Amazing Company art teacher who funds art with donated crayons

Recycling Unwanted Crayons |Restaurants | Schools | Amazing Company

Why I started recycling Crayons

If you did not know I recycle crayons!

I make beautiful handcrafted Colour Blocks™ stackable square block crayons.

Over the course of many years teaching art, home-schooling, I collected pounds and pounds of previously loved crayons.

Friends, family, students and teachers passed me their old crayons. Not having the heart to throw them into the landfills I researched all about crayons.

I learned all about how crayons were made and what they were made from.

I learned some interesting facts about how long it took for them to biodegrade.

I then started experimenting with recycling old crayons. The first Colour Blocks were made and sold at a local street market bazaar in 2008.

My efforts and movement to recycle crayons became a business called Colour Blocks™.

Recycling Unwanted Crayons


Crayon recycling program

• We accept crayons in any shape!

• We recycle old crayons into new beautiful sustainable square block crayons!

• Our sales from these recycle crayons funds amazing art programing for children across the U.S. and crayon donations to non-profit organizations in need.

• Colour Blocks travels and educates the public on the importance of being earth-friendly year round.

• We will pay shipping for any crayons to us anywhere in the U.S.

• We will set up collection bins at your establishment to make collecting easy.

• Colour Blocks educates classroom on the importance of being earth-friendly.

• Colour Blocks works with the largest Goodwill Industries across the West Coast recycling crayons!

• Families, restaurants and schools donate crayons with us!

email: treepassion@gmail.com

or mail crayons to:

P.O. box 443 

Solana Beach, CA 92075

Restaurants | Schools | Amazing Company donate old crayons to help kids

crayon donations to hospitals for kids

recycle crayons to help hospital kids

help art teacher fund crayon donations to hospitals with unwanted crayons

Funding free art programing all over the nation weekly!

The most exciting thing about my business is it funds thousands of children free art projects up and down the West Coast annually.

With the sales of Colour Blocks I can teach and give children free art activities at street fairs, festivals, children’s museums, conferences and educational learning events and libraries and private schools.

dad and mom who recycle crayons to hospitals

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Spramani Elaun is an American natural art teacher and author of several books on teaching visual arts.

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