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Kids Gingerbread Man Crayon Shape

Kids Gingerbread Man Crayon Shape, handcrafted recycled crayon

Kids Gingerbread Man Crayon Shape

Handcrafted crayons for kids!

Gingerbread Man $6.00

Every holiday I handcraft many square block crayons, but sometimes I have time to make cute holiday shapes. This cute gingerbread man is handcrafted and made to order only during November and December. These guys are super cute! Kids love these gingerbread men. You can color with them, makes beautiful harvest brown marks.

Each crayon is $6.00 and ships 3 to 5 days.

Order your holiday gingerbread crayon here at our full online store www.EcoKidsArt.com

Kids Gingerbread Man Crayon Shape, handcrafted for kids, by spramani colour blocks

Kids Gingerbread Man Crayon Shape


Learn more about our Colour Block Crayons:


Designer mommy, Spramani Elaun handcrafts recycled crayons into beautiful square block crayons donated by restaurants, schools, parents and the Goodwill.
Crayons make beautiful color marks with different colors every time you make a mark
Easy for kids to hold
Easy to make marks
Easy to stack like blocks
Won’t Roll off Table
Wont’ Break Easy
Super Large & Safe
No Wrappers
Handcrafted in 12 original unique colors
Kids love Colour Blocks!
There’s no other beautiful crayons like these!
100% Safe
!00% non-Toxic
100% U.S. Made
Can special order in 100% Natural Beeswax (email for options)
Visit our website to see our other Colour Block Crayon options www.ColourBlocks.com

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