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Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo!

Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo!

Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo!

By Spramani Elaun

I’m so excited to share my new Jumbo 2 x 2 Colour Block crayon size!

I’ve been working on this for years, trying to make a safer wider crayon for toddlers and I’m happy to say I finished the new and improved 2 x 2 Colour Blocks!


Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo! Color Blocks

I started handcrafting square block crayons back in 2008.

This unique mission started to help recycle old crayons so they would not be thrown into the trash.

What I discovered was my square block design was perfect for young kids.

As an art teacher, I could see these were much more easier for kids to use.

Young kids and toddlers could hold on to them much easier than a regular shaped crayon.

They could make easy wide marks, and e stacked like blocks.

I realized quickly Colour Blocks are fun to play with while kids got use to using or familiar with coloring with crayons.

Toddlers loved the crayon blocks I was making.

I then realized they won’t roll off the table and were very hard to break.

And that was when Colour Blocks™ was born in Encinitas, San Diego.

Colour Blocks collects pounds and pounds of crayons from schools, restaurants, families and large organizations like, The Goodwill of San Diego which now gives me donations of crayons to repurpose!

As an art teacher now travel all over the nation providing free art programing for kids with our Colour Block sales. I’m able to provide some cool art education for kids.

We are 100% a sustainable crayon company in San Diego, CA.

Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo!, children's toys and gifts, color blocks

toddler safe crayons, large wide and easy to hold

Jumbo Crayon Features:

Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons
Jumbo 2 x 2
Designer mommy, Spramani Elaun
12 Beautiful colors
Crayons make beautiful color marks
Easy for kids to hold
Easy to make marks
Easy to stack like blocks
Won’t Roll off Table
Wont’ Break Easy
Super Large & Safe
No Wrappers
Handcrafted in 12 original unique colors
Kids love Colour Blocks!
There is no crayons like these!
100% Safe
!00% non-Toxic
100% U.S. Made
Can special order in 100% Natural Beeswax (email for options)
Visit our website to see our other Colour Block Crayon options www.ColourBlocks.com

We make two sizes our regular sized Color Blocks and now our new Jumbo 2 x 2’s!

buy crayons online for kids, toddlers

Order online today!

Visit www.ColourBlocks.com here!

or view our full art supply store here!

Follow Spramani Elaun’s daily blog at www.EcoKidsArt.com

Want to donate crayons? email: treepassion@gmail.com

Handcrafted Square Block Toddler Crayons, Jumbo!, best crayon for children

Kids Eco Crayons

Kids Eco Crayons, square block shape

Kids Eco Crayons

Shop and buy earth-friendly crayons from the most sustainable crayon company Colour Blocks™. Learn why this crayon company is eco and supports free art for kids.

Sustainable Crayons Fund Free Art

Colour Blocks™ first sustainable crayon product was founded in Encinitas CA, by art teacher and mom Spramani Elaun. This product grew from her passion wanting to stop pounds and pounds of crayons hitting landfills daily. Now this nine year project has partnered with Goodwill of San Diego and youth organizations like CASSY in Silicon Valley, nonprofit agencies that partners with schools to support social and emotional crisis intervention counseling. Spramani receives used crayons by these supporters, then handcrafts new designer recycled square block crayons into a product for sales, which then funds free art programing all over the West Coast. This fall Spramani will travel all over the West Coast selling crayons and funding free art programing for children,100% sustainable. Colour Blocks also makes pure natural beeswax crayons truly eco. These crayons are 100% biodegradable and safe for children.

Kids Eco Crayons , natural beeswax handcrafted crayons

“Colour Block crayons are made from my own kitchen and are handcrafted.” Spramani Elaun

safe crayons for toddlers and kids, Kids Eco Crayons

safe crayons for kids, Kids Eco Crayons

I use natural ingredients like beeswax or recycled safe non-toxic crayons into new ones, hand-poured into square block shapes called Colour Blocks™ or any shape.

soy crayons for kids


We use natural pure beeswax and recycled safe non toxic crayons. You can choose and buy which ones you like. These crayons glide on paper smoothly and give wonderful coloring sensory experience for kids.

crayon shaped for kids

Handcrafted garden bugs made by designer Spramani Elaun. 100% non-toxic crayons and safe. So darn cute! Summer Garden Bug

Colour Block crayons makes beautiful unique gifts for young children

We have many sets and shapes available for order.

beeswax natural toddler crayons handcrafted, eco crayons

* Made from pure ingredients like beeswax, non toxic recycle kids crayons

kids square block crayons, eco

The most exciting thing about Colour Block crayons is it funds thousands of art projects up and down the West Coast yearly by donations and sales from Colour Blocks.

designer crayons for art kids


Colour Blocks™  created and first sold in 2008 in Encintias California at the local street bazaar and farmers market.


• Truly Earth-friendly Crayons!


• Handcrafted and recycled out of previously loved crayons!


• Makes beautiful coloring marks!


• Colour Blocks® won’t roll off the table!


• Children can colour wide areas easily!


• Made with non-toxic crayons!


• Handcrafted colour mixing technique by designer & art teacher, Spramani Elaun


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